Boddington Gold Mine RDA Western Australia

Boddington Gold Mine RDA, Western Australia
System Installed:

  • G6 Data Loggers (34)
  • W9 Vibrating Wire Piezometers (130)

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Newmont’s Boddington mine is located within the Saddleback greenstone belt in Western Australia. A large gold and copper mine, Boddington is located 16 km from the rural farming town of Boddington and 120 km from Western Australia’s capital city, Perth.

As part of Newmont’s RDA dam monitoring over 130 piezometers were installed in 45 locations across the area. These were collected manually by site personnel. ​

Geomotion proposed the Worldsensing G6 data logging system to automate the collection process, having a 5-channels node at each location and a centralised gateway. The data is presented directly in the Newmont’s data management software. This fully automates the collection and presentation of piezometer readings so that up to date data is available for analysis.