Crown Tower Structural Asset Monitoring

  • Construction site of the Crown Tower in Sydney, Australia

Structural Asset Monitoring for Crown Tower, Sydney

Products used:

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Crown Tower in Sydney city’s waterfront suburb of Barangaroo sits atop reclaimed land and spirals skyward as a master piece of construction. Unprecedented development of infrastructure across capital cities in Australia has proven the need for real baseline monitoring. A simple monitoring regime provides peace of mind for investors, strata groups and insurance companies and can identify microscopic changes before they become major problems.

The architect, Wilkinson Eyre’s ambitious twisting design of the structure along with the challenges of building over reclaimed land prompted the need for integrated structural health monitoring which was incorporated from the design phase with the goal to create a truly ‘smart building’.

Asset monitoring should be at the forefront of every building managers’s mind.

Hamish Ford, Geomotion Instrumentation Manager

Every structure contains critical data and Geomotion was tasked with that capture and decoding of it for better Asset management and decision making.

Geomotion’s experienced team deployed instruments like In-place inclinometers and rod extensometers with the primary purpose of monitoring the deflection & shortening in the piles and D-walls during the basement excavation and loading during tower construction.


Over 350 sensors in total were installed using a network of Loadsensing loggers and gateway, collecting data every two hours for twenty-six months during construction presented on Geomotion’s own cloud-based MIMS software which produced Construction Stage Reports for designated end users. Acquisition systems were incorporated in the design and installed behind finished walls. Instrument cabling was roughed in as part of the construction process to lift cores, columns and floors.

The value of structural asset monitoring in any building starts at the design phase. Low construction standards and the lack of integrated structural health monitoring can result in late detection of major issues leading to costly rectification works, as seen with examples such as Mascot Tower and Opal Tower in Sydney.

Geomotion are the bridge from regular building to “Smart Building” and smart buildings are the future.

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