Dam and reservoir monitoring

Geomotion has experience in the monitoring of dams, reservoirs and associated projects, working on structures and environments in Australia and works within customer and ANCOLD guidelines. We are also able to provide skilled technicians to service existing monitoring equipment on dams and reservoirs.
You can find below some of our reservoir and dam monitoring projects.

Equipment supplied and installed during reservoir & dam monitoring projects includes:

  • Piezometers
  • Inclinometers (manual and automated)
  • Extensometers (magnetic, rod & wire)
  • Water Level monitoring
  • Settlement profile systems
  • Seepage monitoring
  • Pendulum Systems
  • Automatic Alarm Messaging telephone, GSM or internet
  • Hydraulic piezometer automation
  • Hydraulic piezometer servicing
  • Flood detection systems
  • CCTV
  • SCADA Integrations

Aerial view of marina barrage in Singapore

Marina Barrage, Singapore

The Marina Barrage is a tidal and flood control barrier that has been constructed across the mouth of the Marina channel at a cost of $226 million. Opened in November 2008, it has turned the waters of the Marina basin into an inland reservoir, Marina Bay now has a stabilised water level with no tidal fluctuations.