Transform Efficiency with Data Acquisition

​Data loggers automatically store and send information collected by monitoring equipment. They are ideal for mining, construction, and environmental monitoring, even in areas where there are many sensors in use, or in remote or hard-to-access sites. Each logger comes in many configurations, depending on the number of instruments to be connected, and can be set to send data at even time intervals, leading to consistent and high-quality analysis.

Available in both vibrating wire and analogue signal types, each data logger is assembled from robust alloy casings, with full water proofing; their compatibility with low power batteries mean they can last up to 10 years in a single charge (with a six-hour sampling rate). Screw holes on the rear face of each logger allow them to be securely bolted onto any wall or simply placed on any platform; high quality, 4G antennas enable data to be sent up to 15km away or through built up urban areas.

The data transmitted by these loggers can be stored and analysed through Geomotion Cloud, or through another compatible software.

If the instrument you are looking for is not displayed on this page, get in touch with us! We work with multiple suppliers of structural and geotechnical instrumentation and our team can outsource the perfect solution for your project.