Digital MEMS Tiltmeters (D-Tiltmeters) ensure high accuracy and negligible dependence on thermal factors thanks to the new digital MEMS self-compensated sensor. They monitor tilt changes in either one or two axial planes and can be installed on vertical or horizontal planes.

D-Tiltmeters can be read locally using a portable readout or centralised with a data logger for remote monitoring and alerting.​

​The measurement of inclination is essential for the control and security of structures in elevation, both during the construction phase than in operation. ​

Product Features

  • Vertical or horizontal application
  • Uniaxial and biaxial versions
  • Easy to install
  • High performances
  • Negligible dependence from thermal factors
  • Customized color on request for low visual impact

Mems tiltmeter Application

  • Civil structures
  • Building safety along adjacent excavations
  • Diaphragms and retaining walls
  • Historical buildings
  • Decks and bridge piers
  • Building’s tilting control

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