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How to future-proof your excavation

Click on the interactive infographic below to find out more about the automated system and geotechnical instruments that can be used for earthworks, landslides and excavation monitoring.

Landslides, Earthworks and Excavation Monitoring System

Earthworks and excavations can be very disruptive to the surrounding area, including other structures within its zone of influence. This increases the number of stakeholders involved in the project, who all need to be informed and involved in decision making processes.

Geomotion specialises in the assembly, supply and installation of comprehensive monitoring systems that provide data that can be analysed over time, providing quality insight into the condition of the earthworks themselves, as well as their effect on any surrounding structures.

If sensor readings breach a critical threshold, key stakeholders can be alerted automatically and action plans can be enacted to protect the public, environment and workers.

Data from the system can also be used after the fact to evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance whether it is preventative or routine.


  • Reduce costs over the lifetime of assets
  • Enhance the safety of workers
  • Provides insight into structural and geotechnical behaviour
  • Automatic alarms and alerts for exceeding threshold values
  • Validate or revise designs
  • Comprehensive monitoring for critical areas

How it works

Historical data from a monitoring system provided and installed by Geomotion can be used to predict issues such as slope failures signalled by inclinometers or settlement plates showing excessive settlement, allowing for preventative maintenance to be completed. The data obtained through monitoring systems can be invaluable for engineers to determine if designs are performing as planned. In the same vein, that data can be used to indicate when the geotechnical performance is poor, and when the operations should be changed to prevent failures.

How excavation monitoring works

A bespoke monitoring system can be designed using more sensors in critical areas, resulting in a higher data density and more reliability. Get in touch with our team to discuss about your earthwork, landslide or excavation monitoring project.

Monitoring Projects

We are experienced in the monitoring of excavations, landslides and earthworks, and our geotechnical monitoring team have worked on numerous major projects. Based on state-of-the-art technology, our products are built to an accredited quality control system and designed to withstand the challenges of the most extreme environments.
You can find below some of our projects monitoring excavations, landslides and earthworks.

Hoppers Level Crossing Removal, Victoria

Geomotion’s holistic approach was to supply all the instrumentation, drilling/grouting (external), and installation works as a package.

Melbourne Metro Tunnel Portals, Victoria

The Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA) was charged with the construction of the Eastern and Western Portals of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel…

Riverside Development, ​Western Australia

Through the redevelopment of East Perth and the riverside, the area will transform over the next decade into a mix of residential, commercial and public…

Gerringong Upgrade, ​New South Wales

The New South Wales government has enlisted Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to upgrade the Princess Highway between Mount Pleasant and…

Kempsey Bypass, ​New South Wales

The Kempsey Bypass is a 14.5 km joint funded Project by the Federal Government of Australia and State Government of New South Wales consisting of a four lane divided highway…

Blackbutt Range Restoration, Queensland

VDM was appointed the restoration works to upgrade the D’Aguilar Highway Blackbutt range crossing as a result of nine slips which developed in…

Aerial view of port connect in Brisbane

Brisbane ‘Port Connect’ Project, Queensland

Port Connect is a $385 million upgrade of the Port of Brisbane Motorway (PoBM) being undertaken by the Queensland Government as part of its…

D2G Ipswich Motorway Upgrade, ​Queensland

The Ipswich Motorway upgrade project was funded by the Australian Federal Government renewing 8 km of motorway between Dinmore and Goodna.