Unveiling Accuracy: Introducing Our In-Place Extensometer

​The In-Place Extensometer system is designed to automatically monitor settlement and heave in standard magnetic extensometer installations.

The Geosense IPI-X is an automated magnetic extensometer combined that is suspended down a borehole in 33mm casing to measure horizontal and vertical displacement of up to 400mm in tunnels, dams, embankments, and deep excavations.

Magnetic targets are positioned along the length of the casing aligning with the inbuilt low power digital magnetic positioning sensor, allowing for vertical displacement to be measured by the relative movement of the targets from their original position.

The system is easily raised through fill or reduced with cutting, allowing for extension or reduction without interfering with the existing sensors.

Product Features

  • Automatic monitoring of settlement and heave
  • Able to be retrofit to existing magnetic extensometers
  • IPX to monitor vertical settlement up to 400mm
  • RS-485 digital BUS output
  • Designed for ease of extension with fill raises or shortening with excavation
  • IP68 waterproof rating

Product Benefits

  • Fast and reliable BUSSED digital data
  • Quick connectors reduce installations times
  • High quality, accurate geotechnical settlement data
  • Automated readings save on labour costs and allow for more remote installations
  • Lightweight support rods allow for easier installation

In-Place Extensometer Operation

The low power digital magnetic positioning sensors are installed vertically in the borehole suspended from a top support and GRP support rods, with a bottom magnetic target positioned in stable ground as a reference and a geodetic survey of the top to provide an absolute reference for vertical displacement.

Digital data from the sensors are BUSSED together and acquired through either WI-SOS 480 wireless nodes or another GeoLogger system allowing for fast and reliable automated monitoring. ​


The IPIX In-Place Extensometer is used for the automatic measurement of settlement in:

  • Tunnels, mines and underground structures
  • Deep excavations
  • Earthfill embankment dam construction and monitoring
  • Upstream tailings dam raises
  • Pre-load and surcharge monitoring
  • Rock displacement
  • Embankment monitoring

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email info@geomotion.com.au or contact any of our locations.