Kempsey Bypass New South Wales, Australia
Client: Kempsey Bypass Alliance
Project: Kempsey Bypass Upgrade
Job: Ground Remediation Monitoring

System Installed:

  • EC Casing
  • Bluetooth Inclinometer System
  • Magnetic Extensometers
  • Vibrating Wire Pressure Cells
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers

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The Kempsey Bypass is a 14.5 km joint funded Project by the Federal Government of Australia and State Government of New South Wales consisting of a four lane divided highway bypassing Kempsey and Frederickton. Works commenced in 2010 and are to be completed by 2014 resulting in reduced travel time on the Pacific Highway and taking up to 2000 trucks off Kempsey’s local streets a day.

Geomotion are proud to be providing the monitoring instrumentation for the trial embankment, and the on-going works for this project.