Level crossing removal in Victoria – Hoppers Crossing

System Installed:


Western Program Alliance (WPA) was contracted to construct an overpass to remove the level crossing at Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing. The design requested settlement monitoring of the Southern abutment using magnetic extensometers. The specific requirement was to monitor the settlement of new fill above a soil beam that had been run over uncontrolled fill.

Geomotion’s Approach

Geomotion’s holistic approach was to supply all the instrumentation, drilling/grouting (external), and installation works as a package. Seven magnetic extensometer systems in total were provided. Each consists of two spider magnets located above the soil beam and a reference datum magnet secured just above the bedrock. These were installed over casing running the length of the borehole and subsequently grouted in place. A reed switch probe was also supplied for the manual measurement of these monitoring points.

The project encountered quite a few scheduling issues before mobilisation could even occur. With the site needing start dates to be pushed back, both Geomotion and our drilling sub-contractors provided flexibility through prompt communication. The drilling and installation works were achieved within the time allocated, and the client was very satisfied with both the independence and efficiency of the works.