Mascot Towers Monitoring

Mascot Towers monitoring in Sydney, Australia

Mascot Towers Monitoring

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Mascot Towers is a high-profile residential building in Sydney that was evacuated in June 2019 due to serious concerns regarding its structural integrity.

Geomotion as part of GLS Monitoring provided a rapid response monitoring solution that combined both Geotechnical and Geospatial measurements. The rapid response monitoring scheme implemented comprised of both a manual and automated monitoring solution. The immediate same day response included manual surveys to measure 3D deformation as well as crack and tilt sensors which gave immediate feedback on the changes. Within 24 hours an Automated Total Station had been installed and data from all sensors hosted to the Geomotion Cloud web portal.


Due to GLS Monitoring’s resources at hand and skill base, a dynamic array of precise measurement sensors were rapidly deployed. As a single source of data capture, GLS Monitoring was able to seamlessly display the data into one central location that allowed for easy interpretation.

The success of the project can be attributed to the combination of a diverse array of monitoring instrumentation into a scalable and accessible solution that can be deployed in less than 24 hours that provided the client with their short term measurement requirements, as well as ongoing longer term monitoring.