Mining Monitoring Projects

Aerial view of Cape Preston

We are experienced in the monitoring of mine sites and excavations, and our geotechnical monitoring team have worked on numerous major projects including Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) and underground and open cut monitoring. Based on state-of-the-art technology, our products are built to an accredited quality control system and designed to withstand the challenges of the most extreme environments.

Instrumentation utilised during mine monitoring projects include:

  • Inclinometers (manual and automated)
  • Extensometers (magnetic, rod & wire)
  • Ground Water Level monitoring
  • Porewater pressure monitoring (vibrating wire, pneumatic and hydraulic piezometers)
  • Settlement profile systems
  • Fully automated landslide early warning systems
  • Prop monitoring
  • Soil moisture content

Koolan Island Seawall Remediation, Western Australia

Geomotion was contracted for the supply, installation, maintenance and support of the geotechnical instrumentation that was installed in the seawall rock fill embankment constructed at Koolan Island.

Hope Downs 4, Western Australia

Geomotion have been commissioned to supply and install geotechnical instrumentation for the Waste Fines Storage Facility Project at HD4 DSP Pit.

​The geotechnical monitoring system used the proven Vibrating Wire (VW) Technology on Piezometers and Pressure Cells running below ground conduit excavation along the pit bench attached to Load Sensing VW Node Data Loggers inside two Terminal Boxes located at the pit surface for remote monitoring.

Premier Coal mine monitoring

Premier Coal Mine, Western Australia

Premier Coal is situated in the Collie Coal Basin in the South West of Western Australia, approximately 200km south-south-east of Perth. ​The mining operations are about 15km east of the town of Collie, which is situated in the jarrah forests of WA.

Boddington Tailings Dam Trial Embankment, Western Australia

Boddington Gold Mine (BGM) is located 120km south-east of Perth in Western Australia. The largest gold mine in the country, it is poised to become the highest producing mine once production ramps up over the next few years.

Aerial view of Cape Preston

Cape Preston, Western Australia

Citic Pacific Mining enlisted MCC to construct the main causeway linking the port with the main mine hub. The 70m wide causeway carries the services, acts as a service route for transportation of large plant and equipment, as well as carrying the Iron Ore to the port in a slurry form. The stability of the causeway is of critical importance.

Newman Hub, Western Australia

As part of the Rapid Growth Project 4 (RGP4), a dual trail load out structure and stockpile were constructed in the Newman Hub, by the Mount Whaleback ore body. In order to gain the necessary information to reduce conservatism in future designs, MPD JV commissioned Geomotion Australia to oversee the installation of 105 vibrating wire oil filled pressure cells on the walls and roof of the structure.

Utah Point

Utah Point, Western Australia

The Port Hedland Port Authority commissioned Ertech to construct a multi-user iron ore stock yard as part of the Utah Point Berth upgrade. In order to monitor the consolidation of the soil below during loading of the stock piles, Geomotion have installed a series of settlement and profile monitoring sensors, along with piezometers to meaure the pore pressures. The data taken from these sensors will be compared with the Geotechnical report and used to allow faster loading of the stock piles.

Boddington Gold Mine RDA, Western Australia

Newmont’s Boddington mine is located within the Saddleback greenstone belt in Western Australia. A large gold and copper mine, Boddington is located 16 km from the rural farming town of Boddington and 120 km from Western Australia’s capital city, Perth.