Geomotion Australia complete installation of 115 sensors on Perth City Link Project

Geomotion Australia has recently completed the installation of 70 In-place Inclinometers, 30 Piezometers, ten Vibrating Wire Crackmeters and two Vibration Monitors as part of the Perth City Link Project.

The equipment is used to monitor the construction of the new underground bus station and monitors diaphragm wall deflection during excavation, the piezometric head of ground water during dewatering, movement across surface cracks on existing tunnels and heritage structures and tunnel vibration.

All instrumentation is linked to the Loadsensing wireless mesh network which relays data to our web-based data presentation package, ARGUS. Through this system, the client has the capacity to receive the data in real time and be warned via SMS / Email should the instrumentation exceed the set alarm thresholds.

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