Geomotion launches VWRead Vibrating Wire Readout

Geomotion recently launched their first new product for 2014, an upgraded model to the now discontinued VW Hand-held Readout Unit. The VWRead Vibrating Wire Readout is a highly versatile, easy to use handheld readout unit with a sweeping range of 400 – 600 Hz, capable of reading most commercially available geotechnical Vibrating Wire (VW) sensors and built-in thermistor temperature sensors.

The easy to carry and robust unit provides accurate, repeatable and fast interference-free readings and provides optional higher 15V excitation ensures quality readings for sensors with long cables.

Our customers wanted a product that was easy to use yet could be confidently relied on to provide quality readings. The new unit makes taking accurate, repeatable and interference-free readings simple, fast and error free. VWread offers fantastic value and is a good option when you don’t require on-board data storage.

Other key features of the new product include:

  • Compatible with nearly all VW sensors
  • Realtime display of VW sensor readings in Hz, Hz2/1000 and period
  • FFT-based data reading algorithm
  • Reading and displaying parameters can be fully configured
  • Long battery life; powered by a NiMH rechargeable battery

VWread is suitable for geotechnical and structural monitoring applications relating to measuring pore pressure, water level, strain, crack, load, pressure cell and displacement.

For pricing and availability of the new VWRead Wire Readout, contact Geomotion Australia on

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