New Perth Stadium Train Station Project

Project: New Perth Stadium Station
Site: Burswood, Perth
Client: Prism Alliance ( Laing O’RourkeAecomPerth Transport Authority)

In 2018, the multi-purpose 60,000 seat new Perth Stadium will open for the kick-off of the AFL season.

To ensure the safe and efficient movement of the crowd within an hour of an event finishing, the new six-platform Stadium Station will be one of the new infrastructure as a part of the transport strategy. Indeed, 28,000 people are expected to leave from the new Perth Stadium Station.

Geomotion has recently completed the installation of eight Vibrating Wire Piezometers, six 4-20mA pressure transducers, seven MEMS tiltmeters, three Settlement Plates and two inclinometers as part of the Perth Stadium Station Project which will be finalised in advance of the  2018 AFL season.

The equipment is used to monitor the pore water pressure, the piezometric head of ground water during dewatering, the tilt of the Victoria Park Bridge and the settlement of surcharge.

Considering the scale of the project and the distances between the sensors installed, it made sense to use the LS-G6 long range wireless telemetry system by its cost effectiveness and long range performance. The gateway receives the data from all the sensors installed onsite with a distance of 3.5 Kilometers form the furthest monitoring point then relays data to our web-based data presentation package, ARGUS.

Using this system, the client can receive the data in real time and be warned via SMS / Email if any instrument exceeds the set alarm thresholds.

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