Premier Coal Mine – Project Update

Premier Coal is situated in the Collie Coal Basin in the South West of Western Australia, approximately 200km south-south-east of Perth. ​The mining operations are about 15km east of the town of Collie, which is situated in the jarrah forests of WA.

Premier Coal Mine produces a clean coal with low ash and sulphur content such that it does not need to be washed and requires only crushing, sizing and blending prior to use.

The coal handling equipment installed at the Premier Coal Mine is very effective. The system has been designed to supply coal in a very consistent way so that there are no variations in quality. The coal handling plant consists of a crusher, screening plant, stockpile stacker, reclaimer and delivering system for Premier’s customers, either by conveyor, rail or truck.

As part of Premier’s open cut pit monitoring, over 29 piezometers were installed in 11 locations across the area. Previously, the data was collected manually by site personnel.

Geomotion proposed the Loadsensing G6 Data Logging system to automate the collection process, including a 5-channel node at each location and a centralised gateway. The data is presented directly in Premier’s data management software.

This system fully automates the collection and presentation of piezometer readings, ensuring the data available for analysis is kept up to date at all times.

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