Product Launch: Kompakt Piezometer

Following an extensive R&D program, Geomotion Australia are pleased to announce the launch of Soil Instruments’ new range of vibrating wire Kompakt Piezometers.

The new Kompakt is a cost effective piezometer to complement the market leading W4 and W9 instruments. Although cost has been designed out, the Kompakt maintains high quality engineering with key features such as hermetic sealing and temperature monitoring.

The Kompakt Vibrating Wire Piezometer provides accurate measurement of pore water pressures.

The transducer is designed to handle pressure ranges from 0 to 500 kPa. It incorporates an over voltage surge arrestor that offers protection from a lightning strike.

The piezometer is fitted with a low air entry stainless steel sintered filter.

An integral thermistor for temperature monitoring is included.


  • Small diameter
  • Uses proven Vibrating Wire (VW) technology
  • In built temperature compensation
  • Hermetically sealed
  • No electronic components in sensor module
  • Fitted with thermistors for temperature monitoring


  • Accurate, repeatable readings over long cable lengths
  • Fast response to pressure changes
  • Design prevents case stresses from affecting readings
  • Over-voltage surge arrestor protects against
  • electrical damage
  • Connecting cable is strong, screened and flexible

Key Specifications

Part NumberW16-30-SS-T
Sensor Range350 or 500
Temperature Range-10° C to 60° C
Sensor MaterialStainless & PVC
Sensor SealingHermetic Welding
Sensor Accuracy±0.25% FSD
Filter Surface Area~ 1.2 cm2
Filter TypeSintered Polyethylene (50 μm)
Filter ReplacementThreaded Disc Filter
Piezometer SealingPotting Compound, ‘O’ Rings
Temperature MonitoringBuilt in NTC 3k ohm thermistor
Weight (without cable & filter)150g

We trust that this exciting new product will be of interest, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact our Sales Team.

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