The Omnidots SWARM is a revolution in vibration monitoring!

Geomotion is pleased to offer the revolutionary Swarm vibration monitors from Omnidots. Omnidots is the primary supplier of innovative and efficient sensor systems for environmental monitoring in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Together we offer a fully integrated and automated solution for the direct measurement, monitoring, and reporting of vibrations in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

The Swarm is a compact, budget friendly and easy to install device. On-site attendance by Geomotion is not required eliminating the need for additional staff on site thanks to the auto levelling axis adjustments. The Swarm can be installed either directly to the structure or on top of a portable ground plate.

To turn on, simply connect to mains power or to the portable battery and enjoy up to 6 weeks of continuous monitoring. In areas of no network coverage the unit can be powered over ethernet. Geomotion is delighted to offer 50W solar kits to charge the battery in remote conditions, allowing uninterrupted monitoring.

The device is locatable by GPS and transmits data over the Vodafone 4G network. Alarms and alerts can be set and pushed instantly for when a peak velocity event is experienced, otherwise in normal operation, data is sent every 1 hour. All data is viewable through our Omnidots’ Honeycomb Platform. ​

The device is offered in a standard set on an annual subscription basis with the first year included in the initial purchase price. Components can be added or subtracted based on your exact vibration monitoring requirements. For example, you can purchase the sensor only, add an additional battery or other customised equipment provided by Geomotion.

Measured in accordance with Australian Guidelines and combined with Honeycomb platform software Omnidots Swarm is the premier vibration monitoring solution available today.

Monitor vibrations on a large scale.
Measurement data in the cloud.
Easy installation.

Geomotion offers calibration services for Swarm vibration monitors and all new units are calibrated on dispatch. Get in touch with us for more information.

Product Features

  • Designed for large-scale monitoring
  • Long term asset monitoring solution
  • High Quality, accurate vibration measurements
  • Easy installation
  • GPS timing and positioning
  • 4G data connection with cloud based web platform
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Solid IP65 housing
  • Reliable and beneficial measurements ​
  • SIM card included
  • 24/7 access to measurement data
  • Reports per day, week, month, or year
  • Automatic orientation of axis
  • Automatic alarms and reports
  • Notifications by email and SMS
  • Six week battery life per charge
  • Reports directly to Honeycomb online platform for cutting edge analysis
  • API integration with Geomotion Cloud available for monitoring all your site instruments
  • Monitoring Standards SBR-A / DIN4150-3/ BS7385 / Circulaire du ’86 / ISEE / SN 640312a /
  • SBR-B / DIN 4150-2 / DIN 45669-1

Who It’s For

Omnidots’ vibration monitoring solutions are designed specifically for use in the construction industry and long term Asset Monitoring. The system is ideal for both small and large projects and where environmental monitoring is required. ​

To accurately monitor the impact of vibrations, all the buildings surrounding a vibration source should be monitored. However, there is rarely room in the budget for monitoring all the adjacent buildings with costly traditional equipment. Until now.

Using the Omnidots vibration monitoring solutions, your budget will allow for large-scale measurements. Installing multiple SWARM vibration monitors surrounding construction sites, allows entire projects to be monitored. This will yield the most accurate and detailed insights into the effects of a vibration source over an entire project site.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications of Omnidots Vibration Monitoring System

Products & Accessories

Swarm Battery (BATT5V375Wh/3)

The Swarm battery can power your unit up to six weeks. It is an unprecedented, small and handy battery.
Combine with the solar panel set ideal for long term remote monitoring. Specifications:

  • 5.0 VDC, 2A, 375Wh
  • Optimal Working Temp (-10°C to 65°C)
  • Button for on/off/level check
  • IP 65 & Electronics protections
  • Mounting holes for installations
  • Up to 6 weeks battery life
  • Dimensions 206 x 113 x 86mm
  • Weight 2 kg

​PoE Adapter (SWARM-PoE)

The PoE adapter provides the Swarm with both Ethernet and power, using one cable. When using the PoE adapter you can install your SWARM in places with no 3G / 4G / LTE or WiFi connection, or in places where you cannot use an Omnidots Battery, Solar panel set or mains power.
The PoE adapter is the ideal product for monitoring at for example very remote areas or underground in a basement or tunnel.

  • Meets all industry standards
  • IP65 rating
  • 3m long cable
  • Use with up to 100m of ethernet cable
  • RJ45 connection

Swarm Solar Kit (SOLAR-kit)

​The Solar Kit will recharge your Swarm Battery where mains power is not available. The battery provides uninterrupted powering as you can charge while powering.

  • 50w, 15A fuse, 21.8V
  • 601 x 498 x 30mm Panel Size
  • Charges the Omnidots Lithium Ion battery with cable
  • Angled mounting bracket kit

​Base Plate (GROUNDPL-kit) ​

Mounting the Swarm to the base plate avoids drilling a hole. It allows you to place the Swarm directly on any solid floor, instead of mounting it to a wall or floor inside a building.

  • Bolt Swarm directly to plate
  • Both spike and rounded legs
  • Suitable for carpet and wooden floors
  • Plate thickness 8mm
  • Plate diameter 180mm
  • Includes Hard shell carry case
  • Case Dimensions 300 x 270 x 80mm

​Custom Cases (CASE-CUSTOM) ​

Various designs available based on customer requirements such as portability, security, and function.
The product example on the right is a security case that integrates the Swarm sensor, battery, cables and base plate! It is highly portable, visible and does not gone walk about on site thanks to security features!

Enquire for more information

​Beacon (SWARM-Beacon) ​

Customised beacon for onsite / site office alerts.

  • 12VDC power
  • Flashing red beacon
  • 90dB sounder
  • Switch controlled by SMS alarms sent via the monitoring platform

Example Installations

Honeycomb Platform Demo

Geomotion Cloud Integration

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email or contact any of our locations.