Railway Monitoring

How to future-proof your railway

Railways are critical pieces of infrastructure that are built on their reliability and safety. Click on the interactive infographic below or download the PDF document to learn about the automated system and geotechnical instruments that can be used for railway monitoring.

Railway Monitoring System

Geomotion’s tailor-made railway monitoring systems offer a smart way to manage and reduce risks. Data from these systems can be used by asset managers to minimise track downtime, evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance and respond to developing issues before they become critical.

Problematic areas along the train track, such as soft soil or areas with more slope instability, can have more sensors installed. This results in higher data density, more knowledge, and reassurance for asset managers.

Railway deformation systems install a series of sensors to monitor railway track longitudinal and transversal deformation, often in

critical areas like those near tunnel construction or tracks with a landslide risk.


  • Reduce costs over lifetime of railway assets
  • Increase productivity of maintenance works
  • Enhance the safety of railway workers and customers
  • Provide more insight from manual inspections
  • Higher data density for critical areas

How it works

The data obtained through railway monitoring systems can be invaluable for engineers to determine if the railway is performing as planned. In the same vein, that data can be used to indicate when the geotechnical performance is poor, and when the operations should be changed to prevent failures.

How railway monitoring works

Several aspects of railway operations can be monitored; Under-track crossings, Track subsidence, Landslips, Embankment failures and Viaducts. A bespoke monitoring system can be designed using more sensors in more critical areas, resulting in a higher data density and more reliability. Get in touch with our team to discuss about your railway monitoring project.

Railway Monitoring Projects

Geomotion provides geotechnical monitoring services for railways in Australia. Recent railway monitoring projects include providing instrumentation and monitoring for Perth’s MetroNet, TfNSW and Sydney Trains, Metro Trains in Melbourne.
Geomotion has been involved in some of Australia’s largest rail construction projects including Metro Tunnel in Melbourne, Cross River Rail in Brisbane, Sydney Metro tunnels and station upgrades, Parramatta Light Rail and Forrestfield Airport Link in Perth. You can find some of Geomotion’s recent projects below.

Rail Monitoring at Cross River

Cross River Rail, Queensland

Cross River Rail is a 10.2km rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes 5.9 km of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and Brisbane CBD.

People working at Centra Station in Sydney

Central Station Monitoring, NSW

Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest public transport project and Central Station is Australia’s busiest railway station. The station will serve as an…

Track monitoring in Victoria Australia

Box Hill Track Monitoring, Victoria

The Prospect Box Hill project is to be a 25-level apartment building located adjacent to the Belgrave/Lilydale train line and 200m from Box Hill station.

The Forrestfield-Airport Link (FAL) project will deliver an 8.5 km extension of the existing PTA urban rail network in Perth, Western Australia connecting…

Classed as a heavy civil project, the Perth City Rail Link Project is a $360 million rail job which involves a number of infrastructure changes to…

Perth Stadium Train Station, WA

In 2018, the multi-purpose 60,000 seat new Perth Stadium opened for national and international cricket and the kick-off of the 2018 AFL season.