Pioneering Excellence in Dam and Reservoir Safety Monitoring

How to future-proof your dam

Dams are both complex and critical pieces of infrastructure that require a comprehensive monitoring system. Click on the interactive infographic below to find out more about the automated system and geotechnical instrumentation that can be used for dam monitoring.

Dam Monitoring System

Geomotion’s dam monitoring solutions provide data through geotechnical instruments such as inclinometers, settlement plates, extensometers, V-notch Weirs and Piezometers, that can be used to prevent failures and maximise the effectiveness of routine maintenance. This data can be analysed over time, providing quality insight into the behaviour of the structure and the ground below it.

If critical thresholds are met, key stakeholders can be alerted automatically, and action plans enacted to protect the public, environment and workers.


  • Reduce costs over the lifetime of assets
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness of maintenance works
  • Provides insight into structural and geotechnical behaviour
  • Automatic alarms and alerts for exceeding threshold values
  • Comprehensive monitoring for critical areas

How it works

Monitoring can be invaluable for engineers to obtain data to determine if designs are performing as planned. In the same vein, that data can be used to indicate when the geotechnical performance is poor, and when the design should be revised or maintenance perform to prevent failure.

How reservoir and dam monitoring works

Geomotion can provide a bespoke monitoring system that utilises more sensors in critical areas or areas of more concern, this results in a higher data density and more reliability. Get in touch with our team to discuss about your dam monitoring project.

Reservoir & Dam Monitoring Projects

Geomotion has experience in the monitoring of dams, reservoirs and associated projects, working on structures and environments in Australia and works within customer and ANCOLD guidelines. We are also able to provide skilled technicians to service existing monitoring equipment on dams and reservoirs.

Watch our webinar on-demand to find more information about monitoring approaches for tailings dams and open pit mines.