Connect your RIPPA 4G IoT Data Logger wireless system to any compatible meter or sensor and continuously monitor sensors and meters, control remote pumps and valves, and generate alerts and reports.

Once the sensors are connected, the system will monitor and transmit data directly to a user friendly website via 4G mobile signal, that allows you to view data on graphs, dashboards or map views.

Product Features

  • Uploads data straight to the internet
  • User-friendly platform for viewing, manipulating and presenting data
  • Sensor configuration and calculated inputs
  • Easy two wire installation with magnet swipe activation
  • Near real-time data collection

Product Benefits

  • 3+ year battery life
  • Choice of either 3G or 4G connection
  • Compact, robust, waterproof unit
  • Global Coverage
  • Mapping tool to display geographical location


The RIPPA 4G Data Logger is fast and simple to install in any environment that has mobile phone coverage.

The sensors are connected to the rugged waterproof data logger which is then activated by swiping a magnet over the unit. The system will automatically start logging and transmitting data directly to a user-friendly website where near real-time data can be viewed, manipulated and presented


The RIPPA 4G Data Logger opens up a vast range of pulse and analogue sensors for geotechnical and structural monitoring.

Typical applications include:

  • Pore pressure monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Barometric monitoring
  • Tilt monitoring
  • Deflection monitoring
  • Displacement monitoring
  • Load monitoring
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Water and air flow monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email or contact any of our locations.