Riverside Development, Western Australia

Riverside Development, ​Western Australia
Client: Broad Construction
Project: Riverside Development – East Perth
Job: Ground remediation monitoring

System Installed:

  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers
  • Inclinometer Boreholes
  • Tiltsensors
  • ARGUS software

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Through the redevelopment of East Perth and the riverside, the area will transform over the next decade into a mix of residential, commercial and public domains which capitalise on the unique setting to become a cosmopolitan waterfront community and tourist destination. The project will attract $2 billion in investment and bring 7,000 new residents into the area and attract another 6,000 workers.

Vital to the project was the instrumentation and continued monitoring of the site by Geomotion. Being next to the river, the causeway bridge, having a high water table and being on top of an abandoned refuse area, there were many difficulties that came with large scale development. To overcome these problems a surcharge was used by Broad to consolidate the ground, coupled with 30 vibrating wire piezometers, 10 inclinometer boreholes and 8 tiltsensors on the bridge. The piezometer readings are then compiled on Geomotion’s ARGUS software for an easy-to-interpret graphical representation of data.