The Stalker 4G VW Logger is a variant of the mA data logger. It is compact, low power & easy to deploy. It reads vibrating wire (VW) & temperature sensors & transmits results wirelessly over the Internet to the web portal for storage, processing and display. The same web portal is used to configure the logger.

The Stalker 4G VW Logger comprises digital a RIPPA IoT Logger and VWstalker. Each VWstalker can read 2 VW and 2 temperature sensors. Each RIPPA IoT Logger can power and control up to 2 VWstalkers using the SDI-12 protocol.

Before installation, the VWstalker is programmed and pre-wired to the RIPPA IoT Logger. Once on site, VW sensors are connected to the VWstalker. The user then logs on to the web portal to set up logging and reporting schedule.

The WASP-VW is ideal for new and retro-fit instrumentation projects where unattended collection of readings from VW sensors is required.

Product Features

  • Works with most VW sensors
  • Extremely compact and rugged in fully weather-proof enclosures
  • Built-in antenna, wireless transceiver and battery as well as a SIM card with active mobile 4G data plan
  • Minimum effort for site set up required
  • Ideal for long-term, unattended projects that require wireless data acquisition
  • Quick and easy to install. Perfect for new and retro-fit instrumentation projects

Product Benefits

  • Reads up to 4 x VW sensors with thermistors (2 x sensors per VW stalker)
  • Automatic and wireless data upload directly to the dedicated web portal
  • Works with dynamic IP address
  • Stores 1,000’s of data-points locally, avoids data loss if a break in communication occurs
  • Low power consumption, internal battery has a life of up to 3-years
  • Multiple permission levels on the web portal allow for easy user management
  • Each VW channel configurable to match frequency range of the sensor using a VWstalker Programmer

Stalker 4g VW Logger Application

The RIPPA Wireless Data Network opens up a vast range of pulse and analogue sensors for geotechnical and structural monitoring.

Typical applications include:

  • Pore pressure monitoring
  • Water level monitoring
  • Barometric monitoring
  • Tilt monitoring
  • Deflection monitoring
  • Displacement monitoring
  • Load monitoring
  • Rainfall monitoring
  • Water and air flow monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email or contact any of our locations.