​The Geosense Strand Anchor Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge is purpose built for measuring strain in the bonded section of stranded anchors.

The instruments incorporate a tensioned wire that, when excited with an electromagnet, alters its fundamental frequency which is picked up with the readout or data logging unit. The end blocks transfer the change of strain in the stranded anchor to the gauge.

These VW gauges can be read manually with a vibrating wire readout, or logged automatically with our range of datalogging systems. The reading from the gauges is easily converted into engineering units (micro-strain).​

Product Features

  • Uses proven and reliable Vibrating Wire technology
  • Suitable for manual or remote reading
  • Contains an integral thermistor for temperature monitoring and compensation
  • O-ring seals provide waterproofing

Product Benefits

  • Accurate, repeatable readings over long cable lengths
  • Long working life, long term stability and reliability
  • Robust and reliable


Sensors are installed by tightening the mounting blocks around the stranded anchor prior to grout pouring. The gauges can then be read immediately with a compatible readout or recorded automatically with a datalogger. The readings from each instrument can then be converted into micro-strain by applying a calibration factor. Each gauge has an integrated thermistor by which temperature can be recorded alongside strain.


These VW strain gauges are specifically designed for monitoring changes of strain in stranded anchors.

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email info@geomotion.com.au or contact any of our locations.