​With a VIBRA Vibration Monitoring System, vibrations that are caused by traffic, pile driving or demolition work can be monitored continually and accurately. ​

By recording the vibrations you can assess the risk of damage to buildings and sensitive equipment as well as the nuisance to people in an objective manner in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

During each time interval the Monitoring System measures and records both the maximum vibration levels and the vibration frequencies in x-, y- and z-direction. In addition every hour a full measuring signal of the highest peak value(s) is recorded. The digital signal processing guarantees measurements of a high quality and accuracy.

Our assortment comprises the normal Vibration Monitoring System and the Vibration Monitoring System+. The top of the line the ‘Vibration Monitoring System+’ has several special features, including an integrated GPRS/internet option, displacement measurements and automatic level- and calibration checks.​

Product Features

  • Measurements according to standards: Depending on the chosen version, the system meets national and international standards, such as DIN 4150 and DIN 45669
  • Compact and sturdy: The VIBRA’s robust aluminium casing is IP65 watertight. The system is easily portable and battery-operated which allows for up to 4 weeks of unmanned and continuous operation
  • Simple and efficient: Performing a measurement is very simple due to the ergonomic operation. While measuring, all relevant information appears on the VIBRA’s display, such as time, time interval and the vibration values including frequency in all 3 directions
  • Analysis and processing: The VIBRA can be connected to your PC or laptop via a USB connection for uploading the data and further analysis of the measurements using the PC software supplied with the system. With the VIBRA+ the data can also be sent to your PC via e-mail

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email info@geomotion.com.au or contact any of our locations.

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