Water Monitors, Meters & Piezometers

Geomotion’s range of water monitors and piezometers provides solutions to monitor sub surface water levels and water flow rates through channels. Each piezometer records ground water table levels and soil pore water pressure.

Geomotion offers a wide range of products, including Push-In Piezometers, that can be used in excavation sites, dam walls, at potential land slide sites and for environmental monitoring of landfills and coastal erosion sites. Information gathered from these monitors can be used to predict slope stability, analyse changes in the water table, determine safe rates for replacing fill, and design effective drainage schemes. Each model is designed to suit different soil and rock types, with measurements up to 15000kPa.

Data recorded is corrected for external electronic noise and temperature variations, and can be logged manually through a portable readout or uploaded automatically online. The data can be stored and analysed through Geomotion Cloud or through another compatible software.

These instruments have been used across Australia, from city shaping construction projects to local scientific research schemes, to deliver valuable data to operators.

If the geotechnical equipment you are looking for is not displayed on this page, get in touch with us! We work with multiple suppliers of structural and geotechnical instrumentation and our team can outsource the perfect solution for your project.