​Wire deformeters measure the changes in distance between two fixed points, one being the transducer sensor and the other a fixed anchor point connected via a tensioned Kevlar or stainless-steel cable.

A movement in settlement or horizontal deformation changes the distance between these two points and is recorded by the sensor. Resulting in Wire deformeters being used for a range of applications including; displacement measurements, deformation monitoring, convergence monitoring in tunnels, cracks and fault monitoring in historic buildings and monitoring rock and landslide movement.

Product Features

Electrical wire deformeter features:

  • Available with either vibrating wire or potentiometer transducers
  • Stainless steel IP68 rated housing
  • Pulley allowing for installation on multiple planes
  • 25mm or 50mm cable rage depending on device variant

Features of the USB wire deformeters:

  • Rotary potentiometer and inbuilt temperature sensor in one
  • 80mm of cable range -Built-in data logger for displacement and temperature data
  • Alumin IP65 rated housing
  • Data received via usb

Product Benefits

Electrical wire deformeters:

  • Multiple signal output options frequency (VW), Ohms or 4-20 (current loop)
  • Robust housing for tough installation conditions
  • Adaptable to non-parallel surfaces/ planes
  • Automatic monitoring capabilities

USB wire deformeters:

  • 2 in 1, sensor and data logger
  • Compact size for reduced obstruction
  • Stored data easily obtained via a PC
  • Able to store > 51000 measurements
  • Battery life of 4 years when reading on 1h frequency


Electrical wire deformeters are available in either a potentiometer (4-20mA) or vibrating wire (frequency / VW) transducer housed in a IP68 Stainless steel enclosure for analog data of deformation. The stainless-steel cable attached to the anchor point is run through a pulley, enabling the transducer and the anchor to be mounted on different planes, even perpendicular, increasing its suitability to a variety of situations and applications.

USB wire deformeters consist of a IP65 aluminium enclosure housing a rotary potentiometer and logger connected to a tensioned steel cable with 80mm of range. Movements between the fixed wire deformeter and the corresponding eyebolt anchor is recorded as a change in distance, stored data in the logger is then received using a mini-USB cable. ​


  • Mass rock movement
  • Embankment monitoring
  • Landslide and rock fall monitoring
  • Surface faults and cracks associated with settlement and horizontal deformation
  • Historic buildings
  • Tunnelling and mining deformations
  • Deep excavations
  • Bridge and dam construction and monitoring.

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