Wireless Tiltmeter & Laser Distance Meter

​The LaserTilt90 is a 2 in 1 sensor plus a data logger, incorporating a wireless tiltmeter, laser distance meter combined with a data logger in single compact unit. Installed to measure and monitor settlement from a reference point or to infer vertical settlement in a variety of applications.

The LaserTilt90 is placed on a point with the laser pointing at a selected natural surface or target foils to measure the distance between these two points. Simultaneously, the 3-axis tiltmeter measures the changes from the vertical level, indicating inclination.

The compact and wireless features of the Wireless tiltmeter & laser distance meter enables it to be easily relocated along the convergence cross section as excavation continues or tunnelling progresses.

The LaserTilt90 is capable of transmitting data up to 15km via long-range radio to a gateway connected to the internet for remote access. Hundreds of Loadsensing wireless tiltmeter & laser distance meter devices can connect to the single network along with other Loadsensing edge devices monitoring other sensors.

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 wireless sensors plus data logger
  • Wireless tilt meter with laser distance meter
  • ±90° range and 3-axis inclination measurement
  • 150m laser distance range in favourable conditions
  • Robust and compact IP68 box

Product Benefits

  • Wireless Lifespan of up to 10years sampling at 1h frequency
  • Easily configured High repeatability and accuracy of readings
  • Long range communication (up to 15km)
  • Does not disturb construction activities


  • Tunnelling and mining deformations in deep excavations
  • Buildings, Bridges and Dam construction and monitoring
  • Settlement measurement device and convergence monitoring
  • Rock displacement
  • Embankment monitoring

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email info@geomotion.com.au or contact any of our locations.