Brisbane Airport Link, Queensland

Client: Thiess John Holland
Project: Brisbane Airport Link

System Installed:

  • Vibrating Wire Embedment Strain Gauges
  • Vibrating Wire Spot Weldable Strain Gauges
  • Vibrating Wire Load Cells
  • Rod Extensometers
  • NATM Pressure Cells

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The Brisbane Airport Link is currently Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. Geomotion have supplied a wide range of instruments and on-site training to assist with Thiess John Holland’s comprehensive monitoring scheme. This includes:

  • monitoring load on anchors during excavation;
  • strain gauges to monitor capping beams and cross passages;
  • inclinometer systems to measure ground deformation;
  • rod extensometers to measure underground subsidence and void formation; and
  • pressure cells to monitor lining load.