Seamless Installation Solutions: Let US Handle Your Project with Precision

Installation & Commissioning Service

Geomotion Australia’s experience in the installation of geotechnical instrumentation is extremely wide-ranging. Projects include railways, tunnels, large dams, highways, earthworks, deep excavations, high-rise buildings, bridges, mines, ports, oil and gas projects and landslides.

Proper commissioning of your geotechnical instrumentation is essential to handle critical factors such as time, resource availability and access to specific skills during the establishment of monitoring equipment. Utilising Geomotion’s installation and commissioning services allows you to achieve long-term operational benefits. Our experienced technical experts ensure a sustainable beginning-to-end solution for your projects, regardless of the scale and location.

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Project Management

Dedicated Project Managers are available to oversee project execution, including, but not limited to, the instrumentation order finalisation, delivery to site, technical support, and commercials. Further Project Management services are available.

Our Project Manager will be responsible for: ​

  • Provide a supply and installation program
  • Update the supply and installation program as required to meet milestones
  • Provide detailed three week look ahead programs to identify upcoming works
  • Attendance of weekly meetings during the installation of the I&M Equipment
  • Preparation of methodology statements
  • Permits, SWMS and oversight of sub-contractors
  • All tasks as deemed reasonable required

Technical & Support Team

  • Application Engineers
  • Dedicated Nationwide data team
  • Local, business hours support
  • Sensor setup and hosting
  • Software site management
  • User training

Calibration Services

  • Vibration monitoring calibration
  • Inclinometer calibration
  • HPG calibration

All staff are trained to complete installation and commissioning QA documentation in line with customer requirements and format, including ITP, field check sheets, baseline readings, photo, geotechnical logs etc.

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