Tunnel Monitoring

How to future-proof your tunnel

Click on the interactive infographic below to learn about the automated system and geotechnical instruments that can be used for tunnel monitoring.

Tunnel Monitoring System

Tunnel construction is an immensely complicated task. Ground movements induced by tunnelling not only affect the tunnel but other structures within the tunnel’s zone of influence, vastly increasing the number of stakeholders involved in the project.

Having high quality, automatically collected data allows all the stakeholders to be more informed and make better decisions. And a comprehensive monitoring regime is an integral part of the puzzle of providing this information.

Geomotion specialises in the assembly, supply and installation of monitoring systems that provide data that can be analysed over time, providing quality insight into the behaviour of the tunnel and the ground surrounding it.

If critical thresholds are met, key stakeholders can be alerted automatically, and action plans enacted to protect the public, environment, and workers.

Data from the system can also be used after the fact to evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance whether it is preventative or routine.


  • Reduce costs over the lifetime of assets
  • Predict more urgent areas for maintenance
  • Enhance the safety of workers
  • Provides insight into structural and geotechnical behaviour
  • Automatic alarms and alerts for exceeding threshold values
  • Validate or revise designs
  • Comprehensive monitoring for critical areas

How it works

Geomotion stocks a variety of instruments that can be used to monitor tunnels and provide data for engineers to determine if designs are performing as planned. In the same vein, that data can be used to indicate when the geotechnical performance is poor, and when the design should be revised to avoid failures.

How tunnel monitoring works

A bespoke monitoring system can be designed using more sensors in more critical areas, resulting in a higher data density and more reliability. Get in touch with our team to discuss about your tunnel monitoring project.

Tunnel Monitoring Projects

Geomotion has experience in the monitoring of tunnels, dams, reservoirs and associated projects, working on structures and environments in Australia; we are also a corporate sponsor of the Australian Tunnelling Society. You can find below some of our tunnel monitoring projects.

Inside the Melbourne Tunnel while working on one of our projects

Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Victoria

The Metro Tunnel Project in Melbourne is delivering twin 9km rail tunnels between Kensington and South Yarra, and five new underground stations through the centre of Melbourne. ​​ Geomotion has…

tunnel monitoring in Perth Western Australia

Perth Rail Tunnel, Western Australia

During the grout compensation scheme, undertaken to protect the Walsh Building and Goldgroup Building in the Perth CBD, Geomotion Australia provided a monitoring system to aid the control of the jet…

The Brisbane Airport Link is currently Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. Geomotion Australia have supplied a wide range of instruments and on-site training to assist with Thiess John…

Transcity Legacy Way, Queensland

Transcity is a joint venture between Brisbane-based BMD Constructions, Italian tunnelling company Ghella and Spanish tunnelling and civil infrastructure company, Acciona Infrastructures.

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