Melbourne Metro Tunnel Project

Project: Melbourne Metro Tunnel
Client: CYP Design & Construction
Geomotion engagement: May 2018 to Current

Instruments Installed:

  • 110+ In-Place Inclinometers
  • 2,000+ Strain Gauges
  • 140+ Piezometers
  • 50+ Electrolevel Beams
  • 40+ Crackmeters
  • 20+ Multi-Point Extensometers
  • 20+ Load Cells

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The Metro Tunnel Project in Melbourne is delivering twin 9km rail tunnels between Kensington and South Yarra, and five new underground stations through the centre of Melbourne.

Challenge ​

The Metro Tunnel Project is being built through the CBD and dense urban areas, and requires a stringent and reliable instrumentation and monitoring system. A multi-site construction program demands an efficient equipment and resource plan in order to have the right data in the project team’s hands and a reliable risk management system in place.

Geomotion’s Approach

Geomotion has overseen the design and implementation of a near real-time data management system. This includes installation, baselining and maintenance of geotechnical and structural instruments. Also, the integration of data from InSAR, excavation stage and 3rd parties. Geomotion’s solution forms part of a holistic monitoring program that addresses the needs of all project stakeholders. ​

Results ​

Australia’s largest instrumentation project has had thousands of instruments installed across 5 precincts and 2 portals. For connectivity, Geomotion implemented Loadsensing, a long-range, low-power wireless technology used by IoT networks worldwide. Instruments from different manufacturers including Sisgeo, Soil Instruments and Geosense have been connected to the monitoring system.

“Audrey, Ankit and the team from Geomotion have worked tirelessly to get data up and displayed in MIMS. They make sure we get our instruments installed without any delay. The technicians on site always comply with the Project’s safety and quality requirements, especially while installing the various instruments in challenging arrangements.”

– CYP Instrumentation and Monitoring Team.​ ​

Lessons learned from this experience have allowed Geomotion to enhance solutions to the tunnelling industry, including development of its own software – Geomotion Cloud, which is suitable for large-scale monitoring projects involving geospatial, InSAR and excavation progress. Geomotion has contributed to the training of Engineering Cadets and use of the local supply chain.

System Installations

Automated Monitoring with Loadsensing​

  • 490+ Loadsensing 5-Channel VW Data Loggers
  • 150+ Loadsensing Digital Loggers
  • 110+ Loadsensing 1-Channel VW Data Loggers
  • 120+ Loadsensing Wireless Tiltmeter
  • 19 Loadsensing Telemetry Gateways for surface and tunnel monitoring​