Geomotion Australia supply a range of jointmeters and crackmeters for measuring displacement across cracks and joints, with options for manual or remote logging of output, and vibrating wire jointmeters, designed specifically for use on concrete-faced dams. These instruments allow for any change in the size of a crack to be known with high accuracy or when the crack is inaccessible for manual measurement and can record the linear movement of two adjoining pieces of material, or the movement of one piece relative to another in three dimensions.

Jointmeters and crackmeters are suitable for use in all conditions thanks to their sturdy, stainless steel construction and well insulated electronic components. They are commonly used to monitor the movement of cracks in buildings or rock masses which make them ideal for use in heritage listed buildings, existing buildings neighbouring construction sites, and rock fractures.

The information recorded by jointmeters and crackmeters is key to ensure that existing structure remain safe and stable over time and when they may be disturbed by vibrations. The instruments automatically correct for any changes in temperature and electronic noise, ensuring reliable data is always recorded.

If the instrument you are looking for is not displayed on this page, get in touch with us! We work with multiple suppliers of structural and geotechnical instrumentation and our team can outsource the perfect solution for your project.