Strain gauges measure load, stress and pressure in concrete foundations and tunnels, as well as sheet pile walling and reinforcement bars. The data collected by these gauges ensures that each element of a construction project is operating within its design load, to secure the integrity of the structure from design to completion.

These strain gauges are suitable to be either fixed to an external face of a member or cast into concrete. The externally mounted gauges measure the loads and deformation of structural steel members, concrete structures, and temporary supports like formwork or scaffolding.

Gauges cast into concrete record the loads through rebar or the concrete mix itself, with data available from when the mix is first poured through to when the structure becomes operational. Data recorded by these instruments can be logged manually through a portable readout or uploaded automatically online, and can be stored and analysed through Geomotion Cloud or through another compatible software.

If the instrument you are looking for is not displayed on this page, get in touch with us! We work with multiple suppliers of structural and geotechnical instrumentation and our team can outsource the perfect solution for your project.