Bunji Hydro-Power Dam, Pakistan

Bunji Hydro-Power Dam, Pakistan
Bunji Hydro-Power Dam in Pakistan

Bunji Hydro-Power Dam, Pakistan
Geomotion Pakistan
Consultant: Mott McDonald
Client: Pakistan Wapda

System Installed:

  • Digital inclinometer
  • Easy Connect (EC) inclinometer casing
  • In-Site data presentation software

Geomotion Pakistan installed EC Casing in 5 holes with maximum depth of 280 Meters at the Bunji Hydro-Power and were instructed to take readings from all holes using Geomotion’s inclinometer system.

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Bunji Dam a large hydro-power project on Indus River in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

The feasibility study of the project was carried out by joint consultant firms Artelia of France & Mott MacDonald of the UK. The Gravity RCC dam will be 190 m high and will have an installed capacity of 7100 MW.

In 2009, Pakistan and China signed a MoU for the construction of Bunji Dam. The accord was signed between Ministry of Water and Power, Pakistan and Three Gorges Project Corporation, China.

Geomotion Pakistan undertook the inclinometer reading project for the site in 2012. The Project has been principally cleared by CDWP for approval of the ECNEC, the highest economic approval committee in Pakistan.

As this project is under the design and feasibility stage, the information that Geomotion have provided using the inclinometer system regarding the strata movement and slope stability, it was found that the auxiliary reservoir location was not suitable and should be relocated.

Further to that, during our investigation work, hot springs were found during lowering of EC casing in some bore holes. This has led to further geothermal investigation by the consultant due to this very rare rock formation with hot springs at such a shallow depth. Aleady at this early stage, Geomotion’s investigation work has provided the consultants with very useful information about the strata which have impacted and improved the feasibility and detailed designing of the project.

Main Dam Features

  • Maximum Height – 190 m
  • Total installed capacity – 7,100 MW
  • Covered Area (Reservoir) – 17,000 m
  • River Level at Dam Side – 1,520 m
  • Reservoir Length when full – 22,000 m
  • Reservoir Volume – 308 million cubic metres

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