Maximizing Precision: Introducing Our Miniaturized Multipoint Rod Extensometer

Miniaturised multipoint rod extensometers (MEXID) are a scale down multipoint rod extensometer (MPBX), deployed to monitor the displacement of desired points positioned in rocks, walls and grounds where a smaller diameter extensometer system is required.

MEXID extensometers are assembled and installed in identical manner to the larger variants, with the anchors being connected to a measurement rod that extends upward to a reference head fixed at the surface. The small drilling diameter of only 50mm (75mm first meter only) and complete pre-assembled system of the MEXID allows for ease of installation and reduced installation costs.

The miniaturised multipoint rod extensometers are equipped with ability to monitor up to four points at the desired depths, with the addition of the complete displacement monitoring system being installed flush with surface level reducing unwanted obstruction.

Measurements are obtained via either vibrating wire or potentiometer displacement transducers, with data outputs being chosen between analogue or digital.

MEXID Extensometer Features

  • Minimised construction to fit 50mm boreholes
  • Monitor up to four points/ anchors
  • Reference head installed flush with surface
  • Compatible with potentiometer transducers and vibrating wire transducers
  • Output in analogue (frequency or 4-20mA) or digitalRS485 communication via MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Measurement ranges up to 50mm (2”) or 150mm (5.9”)

Product Benefits

  • Reduced surface obstruction due to flush installation
  • Remote readings of displacement data
  • Small drilling diameter of 50mm
  • Pre-assembled, reducing installation costs


Typical applications of the MEXID extensometer include:

  • Tunnelling
  • Mining
  • Deep excavations
  • Dam construction and monitoring
  • Displacement monitoring
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Rock displacement
  • Embankment monitoring

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email or contact any or our locations.