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Geotechnical & Structural Monitoring

Geomotion has been delivering geotechnical monitoring solutions in Australia since 2004. In that time, our team has worked on many high profile construction projects that have taken place in Australia.
Geomotion Australia’s installation experience is extremely wide-ranging. Projects include railways, tunnels, large dams, highways, earthworks, deep excavations, high-rise buildings, bridges, mines, ports, oil and gas projects and landslides.
Geomotion Ute next to a big wind turbine

Geomotion has worked on several major construction projects that have taken place in Australia over one decade, as well as some international assignments.

The interpretation of data is paramount to the successful running of any monitoring project. We offer dedicated software to best fit your needs.

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A world-class range of structural and geotechnical instrumentation

Geomotion Australia specialises in the supply and installation of a world-class range of geotechnical and structural instrumentation, representing the highest standards of engineering and cutting-edge technology. Our products are backed by an accredited quality control system to achieve maximum reliability and performance, and are designed to withstand the challenges of most environments.

If you have a geotechnical challenge to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always happy to share their knowledge.

We supply and install the following range of instrumentation:

Structural monitoring sensors:
Tunnel monitoring sensors:
Deep excavation, landslide and earthworks monitoring sensors:
Deep excavation, landslide and earthworks monitoring sensors:

For more than a decade Geomotion has been offering our products and expertise across Australia. Whatever field you work in and wherever you are, expect a Geomotion product to hold up and keep giving great results year after year. Browse our range of piezometers, load-pressure cells, inclinometers and more and know you’re buying nothing but the best.

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