Solid Resistive Load Cells are purpose built for pile load testing, struts, tiebacks and arch supports.

The load cell comprises a set of either 4 or 8 strain gauges to compensate for any eccentricity. The load cell can be wired directly to a data logger for automatic readings or read manually with a readout.

Load cells can be supplied with top and bottom plates for load distribution.​

Product Features

  • Uses proven strain gauge technology
  • Robust and with long term stability
  • Fast response time
  • Uses a full wheatstone bridge for accuracy
  • Suitable for remote reading and datalogging
  • Temperature compensation for more accurate readings

Product Benefits

  • A customised range is available to suit any request
  • Instrument is able to be read by a large range of readouts and loggers
  • Tested for long term stability under heavy operating conditions


A bearing plate is placed beneath the Load Cell to spread the load and take up any residual non alignment. Another bearing plate is placed between the cell and the load.

The load on the cell can then be read using a readout or logged automatically.

Calibration factors are provided to enable direct reading in engineering units when using certain readouts or converted automatically on most data loggers.


Solid Resistive Load Cells can be used to measure general or specific loads. Typical applications include monitoring the loads in:

  • Pile testing
  • Tiebacks
  • Arch supports
  • Struts

Geomotion offer installation and monitoring services to support this system. For more information please email or contact any of our locations.

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