Precision in Motion: Elevating Operations with Digital INCLINOMETERS

Digital inclinometers from Geomotion Australia are hardy, reliable and precise pieces of machinery that can help you do your job better and smarter. ​These geotechnical instruments provide critical information about subsurface ground movements and are a valuable addition to most monitoring systems.

Inclinometers are commonly used to monitor unstable slopes, landslides, dam and roadway embankments and measuring the deflection in retaining walls, excavations, shafts, tunnels, bulkheads or sheet piling. Horizontal inclinometers are also available, often used to monitor settlement or heavy in oil and gas tanks and vertical displacements of embankments.

Our range of inclinometers includes the In-Place Inclinometer that allows for rapid, automatic datalogging and real-time monitoring. We also offer systems using the latest in Bluetooth and MEMS technology, suitable for both manual and remote monitoring.

If the instrument you are looking for is not displayed on this page, get in touch with us! We work with multiple suppliers of structural and geotechnical instrumentation and our team can outsource the perfect solution for your project.