Omnidots SWARM – A Revolution in Vibration Monitoring Solutions

The Omnidots SWARM is a revolution in vibration monitoring!

If you are concerned with asset monitoring and the risk of vibrations causing damage to buildings and other structures, monitor vibrations with Omnidots.

The SWARM vibration monitor, together with the Geomotion Cloud web platform, provides you with insight into vibrations and helps you ensure that vibrations remain within the set limits. With Omnidots’ vibration monitoring solutions, you are in control of all your projects, simply by using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. ​

This budget-friendly vibration monitor is more cost efficient than alternative solutions as well as being cutting edge technology with vastly improved precision data and reporting.

Measured in accordance with Australian Guidelines and combined with Geomotion Cloud software, Omnidots SWARM is the premier vibration monitoring solution available today.

Product Specifications of Omnidots Vibration Monitoring System
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