Mascot Towers – Prevention Through Monitoring

Facade of the Mascot Towers in Australia

Mascot Towers is the high-profile residential building in Sydney that was evacuated in June 2019 due to serious concern about its structural integrity.

With the rapid growth of our cities and the increasing need for affordable housing, buildings similar to Mascot Towers are popping up quickly throughout Sydney and other major Australian cities. ​

Concerns were initially raised when significant cracking began to occur suddenly through the building’s basement foundations (see image below).

Geomotion were engaged by the remedial engineers to supply and install structural monitoring equipment on critical areas in the building’s basement.

A site walkover was undertaken on the Monday morning after the evacuation, the same day Geomotion was first contacted. Sensors were installed and commenced sending live data to Geomotion Cloud, Geomotion’s online data hosting platform, by the very next day.

Geomotion’s precision monitoring systems can be utilised, not only after a major structural failure event, but also during construction and throughout a building’s lifespan to provide critical information on a building’s structural health, early warning alarms and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

​Geomotion technicians carried out the installation of 4 tilt meters on critical areas on the basement slab, with four additional tilt meters set to be installed soon.

A 3G telemetry gateway was installed to enable data to be transmitted remotely – importantly removing the need to be inside the building to retrieve data.

Geomotion’s data team set up the online portal on Geomotion Cloud, where data is displayed in easy to interpret plots.

Geomotion also integrated external survey data into Geomotion Cloud, offering the client a centralised platform to view all data, enabling them to make quick and informed decisions.

Want to ensure the safety and reliability of your major property asset? Geomotion can help. Contact us today for an obligation free discussion on how our precision monitoring solutions can provide key information in real time to prevent costly and dangerous critical failures. Suitable for new construction and existing building monitoring.

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