Warrandyte Rd Bridge Structural Health Monitoring

  • Geomotion's team member monitoring Warrandyte RD Bridge

Structural Health Monitoring for Warrandyte Rd Bridge in Victoria

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The Warrandyte Rd/Bedford Rd bridge is an ageing structure in Ringwood, Victoria. Located nearby to the Eastland Shopping Centre, it experiences a large amount of traffic every day. A request was made for monitoring equipment to ensure peace of mind that the cracks in the bridge were not deteriorating beyond acceptable levels.

There was limited pedestrian access to the bridge, so traffic control was necessary to ensure the safety of not only the traffic and pedestrians, but also the Geomotion technicians. The design of the instrumentation was to be as unobtrusive as possible with instruments out of the way of the general public. As the logger was not easily accessible, they had to be monitored wirelessly over an extended period of time

Geomotion Works

Vibrating wire crack meters were decided upon in conjunction with the more traditional tell-tale manual crack meters. The vibrating wire crack meters were installed and baselined by Geomotion. A wireless system using the Geomotion Cloud was decided upon to log the data from the crack meters. A solar panel was installed to power the data logger that otherwise may have depleted its battery before the monitoring period had concluded.

A monitoring system was successfully implemented for the bridge, allowing for instrument readings to be uploaded regularly and checked at any time, with alarm levels being set in advance.

The use of Geomotion’s web portal to monitor ongoing data collection is extremely useful and enables us to
have a “one point of call” on any portal or instrumentation issues.

David Beaumont, Arup