Geomotion Australia becomes exclusive supplier for Loadsensing in Australasia

Geomotion is the sole provider of Loadsensing in Australasia.

Loadsensing is the market’s most cost-efficient data logger for geotechnical sensors, distributing real time data to provide our customers peace of mind for their projects. Its state-of-the-art protocols differ from standard based ZigBee solutions. Loadsensing uses ultra-low power consumption and a single network can support up to 250 nodes. Its user friendly software ensures simple consumer control and comprehension.

The company, founded in 2008 from private equity, has grown very quickly into a serious market contender with its wireless sensors products thanks to its state of the art low power communication capabilities. Today, it counts on highly qualified engineers and experienced executives focusing to meet the exponentially-growing market opportunities worldwide.

Loadsensing has received major press coverage including on the BBC, twice in the Wall Street Journal, and on various TV programs and newspapers. It has won two major awards, the Stockholm Smart City Living Labs Global Award 2011 and the IBM Smart Camp 2010 London Award.

Sales are facilitated by the superior product quality when compared to competing solutions, as well as a strong executive and advisory team as well as the strategic investor FJME which has a direct access to the construction giant ACCIONA. ​

Loadsensing products are made in Barcelona, Spain by Worldsensing.

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