itmsoil Australia Graduates to Geomotion

itmsoil Australia has re-branded as Geomotion Australia, a move signifying the recent growth and maturation of the company into a global industry leader.

Geomotion is a leading global provider of geotechnical and monitoring equipment and services for the mining, industrial and civil infrastructure sectors.

Proudly Australian based and operated, we have offices across Asia Pacific, and work on projects as far and wide as Fiji, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Namibia, Malawi and South Africa.

Our projects include major national and international infrastructure projects for dams and reservoirs, railways, structures, tunnels, earthworks, excavations and landslides.

Having built strong relationships with manufacturers, we offer world-class products, backed by reliable, local service and support.

Through our innovative approach, cutting-edge solutions, and extensive experience across multiple industries, we provide clients with access to live, real-time, relevant data efficiently and conveniently.

Using high-quality, sophisticated instrumentation, we provide our clients with assurance, and help them measure the performance of their design, advance their methods and ensure their projects are completed safely and efficiently.

We offer a full turnkey service, including site assessment, supply, installation or installation supervision, commissioning, base readings and hand-overs, and partner with our clients at any or all project stages.

Our qualified technicians have diverse experience and can provide on-site training for engineers, installers and clients’ staff. ​

We also provide maintenance, recalibration and support services for geotechnical monitoring equipment. If you would like to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and helpful service team is always willing and happy to assist.

Geomotion Australia

Phone: 1300 884 542
International: +61 8 9284 0244

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