LS-G6 data loggers are changing the way we monitor projects

Worldsensing LS-G6 long range radio data loggers are changing the way Australians are monitoring their projects. Now implemented on major projects in every state in Australia, the system is proving its reliability and ease of use.

Geomotion Australia are utilising the system to monitor train stations in Perth; highway developments in Ballina and Adelaide; dams in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania, as well as processing plants in Western Australia and schools and high-rise apartment buildings in Melbourne.

Through simplicity, low-to-no maintenance requirements and low cost, the LS-G6 system is bringing automation and remote data access to sites where previously the cost and practicalities would have been prohibitive.

The LS-G6 models are capable of reading Vibrating Wire (VW), analogue and digital sensors. This means that on a single site we are monitoring groundwater, cracks, structural health and pile deformation with the same data system, each with a low-profile autonomous data logger recording and transmitting the data.

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