Perth Stadium – Swan River Pedestrian Bridge

Project: Swan River Pedestrian Bridge
Site: Burswood & East Perth
Client: Rizzani York Joint Venture (Rizzani de Eccher / York Civil)

The Swan River Pedestrian Bridge forms part of the new Perth Stadium’s integrated transport strategy designed to move patrons safely and efficiently to and from the Stadium and Sports Precinct.

More than 14,000 people are expected to use the Bridge on event days to move between East Perth’s Nelson Avenue and the Burswood Peninsula, adjacent to the Stadium. 

Spanning 370 meters across the Swan River the Bridge will be available for community use at all times, showcasing the beauty of the river, adjacent parklands and the Stadium Precinct.

Bridge construction works are underway with the construction of two temporary causeways in the Swan River commencing in January 2016. Bridge foundations are expected to be completed by mid-2016 with the Bridge opening in early 2017.The following indicative monitoring installations have been installed by Geomotion to assess the settlement/movement of the causeways during the construction period:

  • Downhole inclinometers are installed at two locations on each causeway to monitor lateral movement. Inclinometers are located adjacent to Piers 2 and 3 and positioned between the edge of the causeways and the pier.
  • Multi-level vibrating wire piezometers (VWPs) at one location on each causeway located at the mid-height and base of the Swan River Alluvium (SRA) to monitor pore pressures. VWPs will be located between the pile caps on Piers 2 and 3 respectively. Each vibrating wire piezometer is connected to a standalone data logger allowing for automatic data retrieval.
  • Settlement plates located at not less than eight locations across each of the causeways to monitor vertical settlement (i.e. 16 locations total). Two settlement plates are located at the end of each causeway with the remaining six settlement plates positioned at approximately 25m to 30m spacing (along and across the axis of the causeway).

The monitoring of settlements during construction will collect sufficient information to assess the relationship between settlement, time, SRA thickness and fill thickness and ensure adequate measures are put in place to maintain the design elevation.

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