Structural Monitoring Projects

Ute in front of a wind farm where Geomotion provided a monitoring system

Geomotion Australia is a leader in the supply of monitoring services for the safety and stability of all categories of structures. Our portfolio includes numerous high-profile clients within the construction industry. Recent structural monitoring projects include Crown Towers, Mascot Towers, Riverside Expressway at Queens Wharf in Brisbane and the Perth Riverside Development.

Sensors utilised during structural monitoring projects include:

Geomotion's team member monitoring Warrandyte RD Bridge

Warrandyte Rd Bridge, Victoria

The Warrandyte Rd/Bedford Rd bridge is an ageing structure in Ringwood, Victoria. Located nearby to the Eastland Shopping Centre, it experiences a large amount of traffic every day. A request was made for monitoring equipment to ensure peace of mind that the cracks in the bridge were not deteriorating beyond acceptable levels.

Crown Tower Structural Asset Monitoring, NSW

Every structure contains critical data and Geomotion was tasked with that capture and decoding of it for better Asset management and decision making. Geomotion’s experienced team deployed instruments like In-place inclinometers and rod extensometers with the primary purpose of monitoring the deflection & shortening in the piles and D-walls during the basement excavation and loading during tower construction.

Mascot Towers monitoring in Sydney, Australia

Mascot Towers Monitoring, NSW

Geomotion as part of GLS Monitoring provided a rapid response monitoring solution that combined both Geotechnical and Geospatial measurements. The rapid response monitoring scheme implemented comprised of both a manual and automated monitoring solution.

Queen’s Wharf Monitoring, Queensland

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane is being delivered by Destination Brisbane Consortium (DBC). In conjunction with the Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), this area is set to become a multipurpose entertainment and hotel precinct in the Brisbane central business district. Geomotion as part of GLS Monitoring joint venture was tasked with creation of a new network for reporting of all existing and new instruments.

Ute in front of a wind farm where Geomotion provided a monitoring system

Albany Wind Farms, Western Australia

Albany Wind Farm is an 18 turbine wind farm with the southern hemisphere’s largest wind turbines. It has the capacity to meet 80% of Albany’s power needs. Geomotion were appointed by WSP to provide a monitoring system for the farm. The aim of the project is to monitor the service life of the turbine foundations at Albany wind farm.